NS Tranz Angled Lozenge Butterfly Pelham

1 619 SEK

Offers extra control and helps with outline and turning. The Neue Schule Butterfly Pelham is often sourced when extra control is needed. Helps with outline, turning and lightens the forehand. The butterfly cheeks are excellent for directional control; straightness and turning, hence beneficial for show jumping etc. Highly recommended for children who do not always support their inside rein as the mouthpiece will not slide across to the inside. Popular in the show ring employing two reins or split reins. 

Product NameTranz Angled Lozenge Butterfly Pelham
Product Code8093BP
Mouthpiece Thickness10 mm
Ring / Shank SizeNA
Size Availability114mm
4 1/2"
Dressage LegalN
Other InfoNA