NS Tranz Angled Lozenge

1 109 SEK

The NS Tranz mouthpiece is ergonomically designed for both comfort and communication. A very popular comfortable mouthpiece that promotes feel and responsiveness encouraging a soft sustainable contact. Our short link NS Tranz Angled Lozenge is aligned, uniquely, at 20° to the bore axes of the cheeks. When a contact is taken, the smoothly profiled lozenge and loops press gently down onto the centre of the tongue thus a higher level of communication through the rein is achieved. The more pressure – sensitive side areas of the tongue are thus relieved and the thicker less pressure-sensitive area is brought into play. The double joint allows more flexibility ensuring a clearer and more independent rein aid.

Product NameTranz Angled Lozenge
Product Code8023
Mouthpiece Thickness16 mm
Ring / Shank Size

Size Availability140 mm
5 1/2"
Dressage LegalY
Other InfoNA