NS Waterford Elevator

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager och vi kontaktar dig för ett förväntat leveransdatum.

Need to sit them on their hocks and make those tight turns? Ideal for directional control and helps set them up for arrowheads etc. A favourite with Showjumpers and Eventers. As the Waterford is flexible and bends in every direction it usually suits all types of mouth conformation, including big, fat tongues. This slimmer, innovative Waterford mouthpiece features our ergonomic LipSMART shelf which usually eradicates the previously common problem of rubs.

Product NameWaterford Elevator
Product Code8029NS
Mouthpiece Thickness14 mm
Ring / Shank SizeNA
Size Availability152mm
5 1/5"
Dressage LegalN
Other InfoNA