NS Waterford Nelson Running Lever

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager och vi kontaktar dig för ett förväntat leveransdatum.

Often used for strong horses when shoulder control and maximum uplift is required. The NS Nelson Cheeks (full cheeks) reinforce the turning aid, reduce friction and also lessen the chance of rubbing. Brilliant where precise steering is required, for instance the directional control needed for jumping skinnies or corners. This slimmer innovative Waterford mouthpiece features our ergonomic LipSMART shelf usually eradicating the previously common problem of rubs. The two rein option will allow the rider to have varying degrees of control being able to differentiate between the snaffle rein and the running cheek rein that provides poll pressure. However, many riders successfully only employ the running cheek rein which maximises on control and lift from the shoulder. Use either in conjunction with our own rolledleather cheeks, aesthetically pleasing and softer in their action, or our rope cheeks that have a faster action.

Product NameWaterford Nelson Running Lever
Product Code8029NG
Mouthpiece Thickness14mm
Ring / Shank SizeNA
Size Availability133 mm
5 1/4"
Dressage LegalN
Other InfoNA